Cat toy - fishing rod

Wood Colour:
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Dear customers,
Here You got the possibility to customize your cat tree/product. Below You will find all available options and if You will have any doubt, please check all informations in our template ( under )

Wood Colour

Cat toy "Fishing rod"

Mouse with aromatic herbs hanged on a thick rubber to a flexible handle

The set includes 2 screws, so the toy can also be fixed to the cat tree 

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Dear Sir or Madam,

Our products meet the highest quality standards of both, the workmanship and the used materials. Each product passes through thorough quality control before shipment, we also make every effort to ensure that the components used in their production are completely safe for cats and household members, e.g. all varnishes meet the DIN EN 71 standard which means they do not contain formaldehyde, insecticides and heavy metals. Such varnishes can be used in hospitals and even for painting toys for children.



Each of our products has:

- 24 months warranty Door to Door

Extended warranty program with a lifetime warranty on all connections in the products and a 4-year warranty on the rope

- delivery within the EU included in the price (not applicable to accessories, beds and toys),, including full protection of the shipped goods, each package is insured for its equivalent, simple procedures for complaint of transport damage, without customer involvement, without damage protocols, etc.

- full warranty and post-warranty service, at any time you can order any part of the scraper, (even if the model has been withdrawn from production all the components are still available as spare parts)

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