Why does the cat need a scraper for ??????

Have you got a cat? Or are you going to have one? Remember- a cat scrapping not only sharpens his claws, but also leaves his aromatic traces and leaving them (his scent- glands are near the fingerprints of the paw) he marks his territory in our flat. He also stretches his ponds and muscles (he does something like our morning gymnastics).

Every owner of a cat, especially of such which doesn’t leave the flat has to have the possibility to scrap or stretch on the trees’ branches, should have a special place for his pet in which he can do all the mentioned activities. Having such a place we will protect our furniture, carpet or curtains. It is very important for the kitten to be accustomed to the scraper already in the fancying, if not, he should have such at the same time when he gets to the new house. Education of a kitten and indicating him the places where he can scrap is very important., because the cat which has not a scraper begins to scrape other objects which are in our flat (chairs, sofas, door frames) leaving his traces there. It often happens that later, after buying a scraper the cat doesn’t use it, ignores it or uses it very rarely. I also have to stress here that it is very hard to teach an adult cat new customs. You can try to use any deactivators of scent or deterrents, or assure other more attractive place to scrap(e.g. a cat scraper with a suitable length of the column to scrap).

If you want your cat use the cat scraper willingly, you have to remember about three basic principles while buying it:

  • the length of the scrapping column can’t be lower than 60 cm (in multi component-at least one), because the cat has to have the possibility to stretch himself on the column. It is recommended for the cats to have the columns of 70 cm (whereas for the big cats such as Maine Coon the column should be 80-100 cm).
  • when it comes to the pallets, they should be in such size, to enable the cat spread on the whole length.
  • the construction of an scraper has to be stable and stiff ( cats very often get discouraged when the scraper starts to move.

I often meet people who claim that they have bought a scraper but the cat ignores it. The main reason may be one of the ones which I have mentioned above, or maybe the scraper stays in a wrong place.