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For a few years we have managed a racial cat’s fancying and at that time we bought many accessible cat scrapers, but any of them did not fulfil our expectations- both to the quality of the used materials as well as the set-up and the workmanship. All the bought models weren’t able to be used after only a few months, because the holding didn’t fasten the column (causing the instability of the whole construction), damages of the upholstery, caused by the sharp edges of the plates and the very low quality of the used materials (particularly the plush and the sisal line).In 2005, seeing the gap in the Polish market (the lack of cat scrapers which could meet the requirements connected with the good quality and durability)we have decided to establish our own production to come across the given needs.The main principle which were in our minds working out the models were the aesthetics, functionality and durability of the scraper. Since March 2006 we have undertaken the cooperation with a German firm which also produces the cat scrapers and pallets. This has yield many changes in our product. At this time we produce the scrapers of a very high standard, both in the field of the quality of the materials and the way of assembly. We innovate our models having all the mentioned needs in view. We check and improve the products all the time according to the way of arrangement of the posts, the way of their setting up, or fastening to the ceiling.Our firm develops very dynamically and the products are welcomed with greater and greater interest and acknowledgement among the customers. Our results helped us achieve twice big sale at the Polish market and three times bigger export to the EU countries. We invite you to do the shopping in our shop, and we hope that our products will fulfil your expectations.

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