The price list of parcels in EU Rufi

The following schedule presents the price-list of  the dispatch mails (one package up to 31,5 kg.) in UE countries. The parcel is delivered within 2-5 working days, but it depends from the country and the region. We have placed the information about the amount of parcels needed to send all the items of the given model.

Austria15 EUR
Belgium25 EUR
Bulgaria 40 EUR
Croatia53 EUR
Czech Republic15 EUR
Denmark25 EUR
Estonia36 EUR
Finland21 EUR
France18 EUR
Greece53 EUR
Spain 25 EUR
The Netherlands15 EUR
Ireland55 EUR
Lithuania19 EUR
Luxembourg40 EUR
 Latvia35 EUR
Germany15 EUR
Portugal53 EUR
Romania40 EUR
Sweden32 EUR
Slovakia 20 EUR
Slovenia26 EUR
Hungary 24 EUR
Italy20 EUR

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