There are many firms offering many different scrapers in our market. All of them promote their products, encourage with a low price, interesting pattern- designer, or multitude of different passages, shelves, toys etc., but there is something else what is more interesting. Are all the scrapers really so perfect as one says? Is it really good that the scraper is so cheap? Will your cat feel good being there? We will try to answer these questions by describing the production of our scrapers and at the same time we will  show you and pay your attention to important to know matters before buying a scraper, to make it useful for the cat for a several years.

  1. The sisal line  A white, four strand with the certificate of quality (the guarantee of a suitable coil, and a long enough yarn used to strand the rope), thickness 12 mm. Most of accessible  scrapers have the columns wound with a thin, made of  3 strands  rope usually 6-8mm and the used sisal is of the second quality (the rope is wound of pieces of yarn). It is very economic to apply this kind of rope because it is sold in kilos, however it doesn’t fulfill its conditions because the cat can scrape the pieces of it really easily and finally cut the rope.



2.       The  paper tunnel

The paper tunnel of about 10 and 12m external diameter, thickness of the side of minimum– 10mm. It is a very important element of the column of  a scraper, being frequently damaged in bought in zoological shops scrapers ( breaking the column to scrap caused by using  very thin sides of the paper tunnels by the manufacturers of the scrapers).Having such a thin tunnel even an overturn can break the column.



3.   Assembly   connections

We use M-10 screw with nuts placed in collars of MDF to twist our scrapers. The most often cause of the damage of a scraper is breaking off the connection of the column  to scrap. We are the only firm in Poland that applies a special collars of MDF, which endurance is a dozen greater than of the plastic ones  used by the other firms. The plastic collars are very thin and breakable. In any of our scrapers you will not find any  plastic connections.



  1. The shelves and the basis

 we use chip plates to produce our scrapers, MDF plates, as well as the plywood. Every our shelf, lid of cabin, or a pallet must  fulfill our stamina norms, and their minimum thickness is 22mm (mostly we use the chip plate) -the bases are one of the most important elements of a scraper their suitably, well-chosen  size and  thickness (weight) give the stability of the whole construction. The material used to manufacture it is also very important.




5. The  upholstery

 At present we use 3 types of upholstery:

  • plush, 
  • the upholstery’s  material such  as ribbon  velveteen, and
  • carpet.

Here is their specification :


-the carpet thatch-the waterproofed  carpet, of Holland  origin. Advantages:

  • very long endurance on mechanical damages ( that in scraping by the cat), it is incomparable with other   materials
  • very soft and gentle material (there is no need of applying additional pillows  or softening pellets
  • high resistance on soiling (waterproof material doesn’t accept dirt, doesn’t require any cleaning or washing. You only need to dust it)
  • they look as thick, massive and fluffy shelves
  • in case of plotting  fat stains you can wash only  the dirty place ( you don’t have to wash  all the scrape, and after washing it there is on difference with the rest of thatches, the material  doesn’t felt




-the upholsterer’s thatch – material   the ribbed velveteen of German origin. – destination: upholstery of the sofas and armchair. Advantages : 

  • very high  class of abrasibility, 
  • large resistance on wet cleaning (the material does not change its structure, does not stick together, does not felt
  • quite good endurance on mechanical damages – scraping considerably higher than plush, but lower than the carpet thatch
  • the easiness of cleaning  and dusting  the hair




-Plush thatch-the best qualitatively kind  of plush, of Polish origin (very thick plush with 5mm length) Advantages :

  • considerably higher endurance on mechanical damages than the standard accessible plush in our market
  • laver price than the carpet or upholsterer’s thatches
  • very gentle and nice in touch


The defects of the plush thatch:

  • weak resistance or wet cleaning
  • from the mentioned materials it is the easiest to damage by cat’s claws and mechanic use
  • Describing used by us  materials and the  way of manufacture I have brought closer the subject of quality  of offered in our market different scrapers.

Projecting our  scrapers we try to make them functional, stable and aesthetical, but the most  important for us is the quality of realization and materials what gives almost perfect  vitality of the whole product. Each scraper  designed to the internet sale comes across the quality control. It is stranded and checked in the field of quality of  realization  of upholsteries, endurance of  connections, as well as the length of  the individual elements . Applying so rigorous control we are almost sure, you will get what you  expect. Therefore in 2007 we had only 4 complaints. If you have any further questions according the production of our scrapers, please don’t hesitate to call us.