Terms of warranty (old) Rufi

They are valid for 31.07.2016 r  

" The Guarantee of Quality and Satisfaction" this  program deals with all the models of the scrapers without any exception according to the upholstery. Every buyer who will affirm that our product does not fulfill his quality expectations, can turn it back on the cost of our firm in deadline of three working days since the day of purchase (delivering). The payment for the scraper will be turned back to the indicated bank bill in the day  of receiving the scraper by us. The willingness of returning the scraper should be announced by the phone and at the same time you should say at what time and when it will be delivered by the courier




      ·      The scraper  can not be used !!! (returning the used scraper equals the refusal of  paying back the costs connected with manufacturing it),


  • Returning the costs of the scraper does not include the costs of mailing it to the customer.


The  36 months DOOR to DOOR guarantee 
without leaving the house


The conditions of guarantee


  1. The “RUFI” firm gives 36 months guarantee on the manufactured scrapers including: joints of the column to the scraper, wooden parts.
  2. The deadline of the validity of guarantee is calculated since the day of exposure of the fiscal receipt or invoice of purchase (you need to have a proof  of sale, it is the basis to lodge a complaint).
  3. The “RUFI” firm takes all the responsibility for the hidden and public defects, which occurred in the guarantee period and are the results of the inappropriate execution while manufacturing or defects of the used materials.
  4. The damages of the upholstery as well as other mechanical damages, caused by the inappropriate – discordant with the destination of use, or its rebuild, extension with other components not acquired in the “RUFI” firm aren’t included in the guarantee.
  5. The guarantor obliges to repair or exchange the damaged elements of the scraper if the guarantee is accepted. In case of the complaint of upholstery the guarantor reserves himself the possibility of using the different tint of the used materials.
  6. The guarantee notification should immediately be delivered to the point of purchasing the scraper, or directly to the main seat of the firm, (it is forbidden to use a damaged scraper, because it may cause harm to the cat, or even kill him).
  7. In case of the guarantee repair we set the suitable term and after getting the broken part, or the whole  scraper we fix it in maximum 3 working days. All the repair is in door to door system and all the cost are paid by the guarantor.
  8. All the complaints are accepted on the basis of the proof of purchase (invoice or fiscal receipt), or the guarantee card if such was drawn up.


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